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iShowGallery is Malaysia’s 1st digital property showroom that allows property buyers and investors to truly experience the sensations of walking into a property showroom without physically being there at the show unit.

This application serves a single purpose – To immerse property buyers into a wonderful virtual property viewing experience. Be lazy – Pamper yourself with the luxury of sitting on your couch with your iPad on your hand and walk into this world of wonder.

iShowGallery by iPropertyHD - Intro Page

iProperty’s most celebrated property browsing mobile experience
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iShowGallery takes you through six of the hottest new properties for sale in Malaysia every month. iProperty handpicked new developments from the Klang Valley, Northern and Southern region of Peninsular Malaysia and bring them right into your iPad, making it even easier for you to start viewing properties.

Drag with your mouse to view the 360 panorama

With just a few taps away, you’re able to immerse into the property walkthrough experience where it exposes you to rich, high definition photos and videos, panoramic 360 views and actionable 3D floor plans.

iShowGallery by iPropertyHD - Developer Page

Watch a video or drool at the property’s amazing structure
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One of the cool stuff you can find in iShowGallery is the panoramic picture function, where it allows you to scroll through a panoramic picture of a property. View 180 degrees of a landscape and immerse yourself into an experience like never before.

iShowGallery by iPropertyHD - Panoramic View of The Property

Panoramic view of the Setia Sky Residences
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Also, you’re able to share this rich, immersive experience on Facebook. Invite your friends to expose themselves to this mind-blowing walk through that will surely get them interested in finding out more about a property.

You can also quickly use Google Maps to pinpoint exactly where the property is – iShowGallery pinpoints the exact location of the property. All you need to do is tap on the property’s map and the window will popup to tell you exactly where it is.

iShowGallery by iPropertyHD - Google Maps for Directions

Get maps and directions to the property with Google Maps
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At Malaysia, we continuously strive to help you improve your property search experience by introducing innovative digital solutions. iShowGallery is the first app of its kind that will evolve the way people search for properties, today.

With features of such, iShowGallery provides a great mobile platform for property developers to:

  1. Paint a visual & immersive property showcase experience to their customers
  2. Use iShowGallery as an impressive sales & presentation kit, locally & internationally
  3. Save hundreds and thousands of Ringgit in showroom construction, design & landscaping
  4. Effectively captivate & capture prospective property buyers

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  1. Franz Narcis, Product Manager
  2. Michael Ong, Mobile & UX Lead
  3. Angeline Lim, Creative Director

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