What kind of technical / business support do you provide agencies?

Almost all of the services listed in our Solutions Page. We assist all forms of agencies – Traditional, software integration companies / integrators (SI) or any non-related industries such as Creative, Digital, Software, Photography, etc.

Some of the services that we’ve rendered so far includes (this list is not exhaustive):

  1. Non-local (Malaysian) cloud hosting solutions such as Amazon’s AWS, Microsoft’s Azure, Google’s Google Cloud.
  2. Local hosting solutions, only for small businesses with a limited budget. Other options include those based in Hong Kong, Tokyo and certain regions of the US (e.g. BlueHost).
  3. Web infra managed solutions – All things web infra, technical setups and other web security basics such as SSL, patching, DDoS protection services, etc.
  4. Email support, setup, configuration, deployment. From local shared hosting servers to Google’s G Suite (originally called Google Apps for Business) email setup. Use this link if you want to enjoy 20% off Google’s G Suite for the first year.
  5. Web monitoring – From server resources all the way to app level. Includes basic things like HTTP requests.
  6. Campaign configuration & management – Digital agencies usually request our help to setup campaigns on Adwords / Facebook / LinkedIn or any other 3rd party ad distribution sites.
  7. Web analytics – Campaign monitoring, email statistics, basic tracking & conversion of technical visitor data to business.
  8. Strategise on the distribution platforms, methods, time, availability of web properties.

And so forth.

We will help you tailor solutions for your clients without needing us to meet them, or you can also request for us to meet them on your behalf with a plan.


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