Any large tech startups faces the dilemma of operational efficiency control in every part of their process – To start them right, or to fix the issues later on when there’s more time. More often than not, successful tech startups who service exclusive niches don’t start on a clean slate. Operations are often messy, unorganised and lack corporate governance.

In the case of this technology company, business has been booming for the last 2-3 years. They place “Go-to-Market” speed over efficiency or operational governance, just as many do. As with many others, this is often the best way to move forward in the competitive nature of being in the tech industry.

Marketify was elected as an audit controls representative in the technical department to ensure that each and every business process managed efficiently – From data input during the sales process all the way up to maintenance of the customer and renewal of contracts: A mega task indeed.


Our major hurdle was the middle management. Due to the skyrocketing business in such a short period of time, the top-down approach in project management quickly became a hindrance as the business scales to new heights.

Neglacted collection and input of data, inaccurate reports from the floor, manual tasks of keeping records, loss of archive data and unorganised sales data for repeat sales were not managed properly.

In the first few years of business, this wouldn’t be much of a concern, as datasets are easy to control when they are small. When there are thousands of data points that are necessary to take the business to the next steps, there aren’t any reliable data to look at. From the sales, customer service and business development departments to finance, it was truly a mess.

We took on the challenge of introducing certain business processes into a integrated software for this company.

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After many rounds of discussion, interviews, information gathering and understanding how each and every department works, we proposed a simple, easy to follow integrated approach to data management for all of its departments to contribute into the software.

We proposed the services of 3 different CRM solutions companies to the client, prepared the requirements, reviewed the technicalities and future plans for the company.

Most importantly, we outlined how each and every department can use the collected data to its benefit as future plans, and assisted each and every one of the roles to synchronise their daily activities with the company’s goals.


Our approach was to ensure the company uses data to create value for its products through customer service and business development. By providing behavioural data and purchasing information in an accurate and consistent manner, product teams were able to output better products, customer service department handles queries and issues better, and management is able to decide what comes next for future plans.

Every piece of performance measurement or operational efficiency software is only as good as how the departments use it. Our goal was to ensure the client obtain greater revenue forecasts and improve operational effieciency in the medium term – Leading to improved product value in the longer term.