My company, brand, product or service has been defamed online. How can I remove those negativities?

The Internet space is a free world, and people are free to express anything they wish at any time. However, there are certain steps you can take to control the situation – From removing negativity to portraying a better image and handling online bullying.

Your reputation plays a very large role in how people would consume your products & service online or offline. F&B and Hospitality industries for example, rely very heavily on customer reviews in their business. Raking up bad reviews could turn a profitable business upside down fast.

There are some steps you can take to help with your situation – Start talking to your customer, and be honest and genuine about helping them (improving your level of service or product). Offer an alternative. Give them hope. Give them a reason why they will want to avail your services or products again.

However, when it comes to the online world, your hands are tied in many ways. In the hotel industry for example – You can’t change what was written on Agoda, Booking or TripAdvisor. You cannot undo the damage or control what’s shown and what’s not. You’ll have no choice but to improve your offerings, and that’s a very sensible solution. You may also be griping with a difficult customer, and they are just blowing off steam for some reasons.

The keyword to this situation is: Preparation. Prepare for worst case scenarios, prepare to give out something special, prepare a proper response, prepare a thank you gift. Prepare to make your customer happy again.

Online, we have helped businesses from small enterprises to multinational companies to deal with these negative situations. There are a number of ways where you can legally, and fairly perform takedowns or rebuttals. There are also ways where we can contain the damage.

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