How do I start advertising online?

Easy. Look for a digital agency. Or start by reading about Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. If you’re looking for a company with experience setting this up for you properly, you may also Google for some digital advertising agencies. Or ask us.

Things that you need to be clear about before you consider online ads:
1. What are your measured “success” metrics? Could the ‘activity’ be a lead (enquiry), purchase, sign-up, etc?
2. Can your website accommodate the said “activity” to happen?
3. Have you looked into your own internal resources and exhaust it yet?
4. Have you figured out your message, unique selling point (USP) and / or promotion?
5. Budget & time.

These are some of the questions we’d ask before recommending the client to proceed further. If you’d like a tailored solution for your business, feel free to contact us.

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