Someone proposed to me a SEO and online marketing solution. Will it work as they say?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation (not to be confused with “Search Engine Marketing / SEM”) is a collection of activities done online to help your web pages appear higher in search engine results for a particular keyword.

For example, you’re selling shoes in Mid Valley. If someone Googles something along the lines of “buy shoes in kuala lumpur” or “cheap shoes near me”, you’d want to appear on the top of the search results page (again, not to be confused with advertisements. Ads have a “ADS” tag on the result) so you’re discovered.

Many marketers spoil this for the market – Promising more sales and business growth through SEO – And that’s something that is rather frowned upon in the industry. The practice of SEO should be part of a larger marketing campaign, of a digital strategy of an overarching business direction.

Before you agree or consider SEO, here are a few self-questioning survey questions:

  1. Am I really clear with what I want to achieve by putting my brand / product / service / company online?
  2. If I’m really clear with what I want to achieve (and have a way to measure it tangibly), and if things go well, will it really help my business grow?
  3. Are there any other alternatives that I’ve yet to consider other than SEO, such as offline marketing, word of mouth, business referrals, etc?
  4. Perhaps there are some resources I have in the company, such as my customer database, that I can first explore for absolutely free, and get them to (maybe) refer another customer first through an attractive offer?
  5. Or perhaps, have you consulted anyone with experience in the digital industry yet?

If you’d like someone to tailor-make these questions to your situation and assess it on your behalf, feel free to contact us.

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