Digital Transformation

How are you driving innovation to create new business models or revenue streams and containing operational costs by introducing technology into your process?

In this hyper-connected digital age, businesses are pressured to provide more value for less, innovate better to stay on top of the game and apply modern communication protocols to stay connected with their customers.


Understanding issues and objectifying needs in business processes

Every business is unique in its own rights. Bolstering business growth and increasing product value through transforming legacy infrastructure and processes into the digital era requires knowledgable advisory with strong experience in the digital space. Often, the issue of knowledge turnover is high between staff or vendors, and this is simply an unavoidable situation in most cases.

At Marketify, we possess over 15 years of combined experience transforming legacy to digital processes for small to large businesses with a proven track record of developing better efficiency, containing costs, retaining knowledge and creating new revenue streams through digital.


Common issues surrounding pre or post implementation of technologies

Due to the fast paced nature of many businesses today, applications integrated into company’s ecosystem may not necessarily be optimised in a department, or for a specific business process. Often software vendors lack details of training and follow up, and internal users have to endure a less than inviting experience using a particular tool or feature. Situations like these often end up dampening efficiency and the rest follows.

Marketify will represent the client from the planning stage of the project all the way to its completion, follow up and further. This ensures that every project is implemented with optimal results in the clients best interests.

Every process optimisation creates creates improvement, every improvement creates value, and greater product value contributes to business sustainability and heightened scalability potential.

That’s why digital transformation plays such a huge role in shaping and revolutionising businesses of tomorrow.