We are looking to migrate our current infrastructure. What’s the best out there?

We’re fans of Cloud Computing, no doubt about that, and quite sure there isn’t a ‘best’, just ‘proper setup’.

However, we’re not limiting choices to our clients. While we will do our best to provide you a solid infrastructure to host your web application, database or some top secret internal programs, sometimes there are regulations that we have to abide by. For example, all government-related data must *ALWAYS* be hosted locally, especially when it concerns data of its citizens.

Unfortunately, AWS and Azure do not offer the “Malaysia” option. Our info could be outdated, but we’re quite sure about this as of now.

There are some really good local hosting companies that can help you get started at RM400 / year (that’s only RM33 / month) all the way up to RM3,500 / month. However, the questions that we really need to ask is:

1. Do you really require so much power?
2. Do you really need to future proof it now?
3. How complex would your infra be?
4. How much availability can you cope with?
5. What is your company’s SLA requirements?

Many businesses that we meet do not even ask these questions – Simply because they need something that works. However, getting a bang for your buck is quite important for future costs, or having the flexibility to accommodate 100,000 incoming visitors in a day could just be ‘optional’.

Let us know what are your minimum requirements, and we’ll set you up.

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