Our website loads very slowly. How do we improve the loading speed?

There are many, many reasons why your website would load slowly. This is not limited to a server issue – It could also be your internet connection, your browser is busy doing a few heavy things at once, you didn’t press “enter” properly, a proxy is configured, the website is blocked by your telco, there is a malware in your computer that is taking up a lot of bandwidth (this is a common problem and you may be one of the ‘victims’ or ‘perpetrator’ of a DDoS (Denial of Service) attack, etc.).

However, when it comes to web infra and applications, there could be a few good reasons such as inefficient processing / calling of data, resources are not cached, resources are loaded from the other side of the world, there is an earthquake and the undersea cables are affected and websites that are not serving resources locally are affecting speed, the page you’re loading is very heavy, there is a video resource that is loading in the background, so on and so forth.

To figure this out correctly, we usually use tools to assess the situation, take a look at how your website’s resources are loaded, take a look at your server & services configuration, and figure out the bottleneck. Once that’s done, we’ll report back to you with some recommendations, options and solutions based on your budget.

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