Manage your business online

There are plenty of applications and services across the web that can help you improve your productivity and efficiency. From automating processes and reports to securing archives.


System Need

Think about what your organisation truly needs, and consider how certain processes can be automated or how some of your departments can work more efficiently.


  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Cust. Relationship Mgmt (CRM)
  • Customer Support Applications
  • Inventory Management System
  • Project Management Boards
  • Customer Notification System
  • Patient Tracking Application
  • Internal Collaboration Apps
  • File Archiving System
  • Point of Sales (POS) System
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Apps
  • Web Analytics Tools
  • Scheduling & Appointments App
  • Feedback & Analysis Forms
  • Membership Shopping System
  • Discount Coupon Application
  • Simple Calculation App
  • Online BAR / QR Code Generator
  • Clock-in/out System
  • Career Listing System
  • To-do List
  • Calendar System for Staff
  • And many more…

*Both lists are not exhaustive and is there to provide an example of integration only.


Accounting Firm’s Office

Strong WiFi connectivity, with filesharing capabilities and file archiving with high security. Able to share / stop sharing files with clients, have aself-download portal, be able to manage data from accounting software over the Internet.


Lawyer Firm’s Office

Filesharing capabilities and file archiving with high security, and enable permissions control for file access to certain clients and staff only. Has an appointment booking engine to manage calendar of bookings & timing accurately.


Doctor’s Office

Strong WiFi connectivity with filesharing & file archiving capabilities. Allows patients to view their medical history online at any time, and has an appointment booking engine to manage visitations accurately.


Property Developer’s Office

A centralised resource sharing application and a CRM app that keeps track of customers calling in for enquiries, visiting the showroom, events or enquiring online. Segregated data is controlled by the HQ’s IT administrator.


Creative Agency’s Office

Extremely fast & stable WiFi connectivity with filesharing capabilities, file-sending with expiry capabilities and a simple CRM to keep track of sales funnels, re-marketing profiles and work performed into a single application.


Land Surveyor’s Office

Filesharing and file archiving capabilities with a huge digital storage space to keep documents and files. Up-to-date software for drawing and exporting, and completely integrated with government portal on notices.


Electrical & Plumbing Supplies Company

An appointment booking engine to manage online bookings with online payments, simple email and live chat capabilities, inventory management system integrated with a CRM that keeps track of all customers.


Restaurants and Cafes

Very strong WiFi connectivity for the guests, while allowing a portal for them to register to receive a password to collect data. Also has a system for guests to purchase online coupons for discount on meals or sets.


Hotels & Motels

Very strong WiFi connectivity for the guests, while allowing a portal for them to register to receive a password to collect data. Also has business intelligence tools and marketing tools to analyse P&L and to distribute rooms to multiple channels.