Manage your office remotely

Take your productivity to the next level – Allow staff to clock-in/out online at work, manage your network online, use teleconferencing services or access your office server or PC remotely.



Before considering a network setup, keep in mind your current and future requirements to keep your business future proof for longer term cost savings.


  • Small to Medium Office Units
  • Large Office Units
  • Interconnected Office Units
  • Multi-location Office Units
  • Multi-store Units
  • Multi-zone Units
  • Units with Multiple Levels
  • Small / Medium Buildings
  • Hotels / Motels
  • Apartments / Suites
  • Virtual Private Network / Cloud
  • Multi-point Access Sharing
  • Clusters / Access Clustering
  • Warehouse / Storage
  • Vehicles / Moving Objects
  • Restaurants / Cafes
  • Arcade / Gaming Centres
  • Showroom / Show Units
  • Clinics / Healthcare Centres
  • Day / Long Term Care Centres
  • Off-site Connectivity
  • And many more…


Basic Office Infrastructure

A regular office unit that requires fast internet connectivity, no WiFi deadzones and a powerful router / repeater for internal use and access point for guests.


Advanced Office Infrastructure

Everything in “Basic Office Infrastructure” plus connectivity such as interconnected filesharing system (local or cloud), internal collaboration tools, office suite (software) setup, computer access controls, terminal server, etc.


Centralised Control Terminal

Multiple offices, units or branch requires connectivity and interaction between computers, servers or access points via a single network. Configuration can be made to “centralise” the control to a specific group of administrators.


Office Productivity Tools

A centralised management software that allows you to track employees, reports on work done, clock-in/out system, project management capabilities, request and ticketing software, etc.


Data Security Audit & Control

Ensure all office data, including files, folders, documents, media placed internally and externally have backups that are stored in a location accessible when needed; including periodic backup, file versioning and so forth.


Simple Computer Networking

Configuration of all computing devices: Laptops, desktops, smart TV, tablets, phones, printers, scanners, cameras and other smart devices into a single, secure network while ensuring intruders has the least amount of chance of accessing them.


Remote Access Controls

Designate a special space for employees to work remotely, through video conferencing, access to files via Cloud, configuring of multiple access to a single application, controlling services and devices remotely.


Wired to Wireless Connectivity

Reduce as much cabling as possible during renovation, or implement solutions that requires the minimal amount of cabling in a specific environment.