Email Solutions

[email protected] in 24-hours. No drama.


Host your own server. Maximum privacy & security, limited upsizing cost and completely configurable to your needs.

Best for larger companies


Marketify selects and manages your server. No technical knowledge needed, cost effective & predictable upsizing costs.

Best for small to medium companies

Third Party

Most convenient, most robust, with plenty of tools & mature software. Expensive but worth the Ringgit. Some tech knowledge required.

Best for power users

01. Determine the Number of Users

First step is to determine the number of users you’ll need. The more users you have, the more expensive it will be. However, that isn’t always the case. We have plenty of workarounds for this type of situation.

What will you use your emails for? Communication, sending files, receiving notifications, registering for services, sending invoices, etc? From there, we will determine the right size for you.

Security is never a major concern until something bites. Determine whether the email is going to require upmost privacy, special encryption or if you need (for any reason) ghost email inboxes.