Hire a temporary IT engineer for your company

When you’re embarking on an extensive software development project or require some help planning anything tech-related, we’re here to help.

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No long term costs, project basis only

We manage the entire project on your behalf

Each project will be worked to completion

Experienced Assistance

Our engineers and technicians will work hand-in-hand with your colleagues, staff, agencies, suppliers, hardware and software companies or any other third parties to complete your project seamlessly


Product Management

Marketify manages all aspect of your software development projects, ensuring that you are always protected in terms of cost, ownership, end-product features and security.

Development & Deployment

Marketify represents your company to manage all technical aspects of your development process – Selections, features, costing, ideas, implementation, testing & monitoring.

Project Management

From product pipelines to technical project management, find an expert to help manage delivery, targeting & launching of your new web product.

Web Assets Audit

Find out what works and what doesn’t work in your current digital ecosystem – With a full fledged report on how to improve & estimated costs.

Web Infrastructure

Cloud hosting, web security, penetration testing, page optimisation, speed testing, SEO analysis, DB optimisation & other infra-related services.

Network Planning

Moving into a new office / store / building requires proper planning of connections between devices and available hardware infrastructure to maintain it efficiently.

Business Support

Simplify setup & administration of your digital assets – Email, SMS, ERP / CRM integrations, email marketing solutions for SMEs’ and above.

Web Analytics

Make sense of your data. Track efficiently and effectively. Get reports in layman terms. Receive dashboards of simplified analytics reporting.